May 27, 2024

Why spend P100 M for a flood control project that costs P10M?

This has reference to an article titled: “DPWH asked to stop flood control project” published in the Feb. 27, 2022 issue of the Courier.
The article was referring to the construction of the river flood control project in La Trinidad, Benguet.
I had a good laugh after reading the article, as it gave me this notion how officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways are spending taxpayers’ money as if it is their personal money which they can spend anywhere, anytime without using their common sense if the project will have a good impact to the lives of the people.
It appears to me that the word “consultation” is not in vocabulary of the DPWH.
I am not a civil engineer but let us use common sense to solve the flooding in Trinidad.
Here’s my suggestion to the DPWH: Slowly chip out the rock, say eight meters deep and 15 meters upstream slanting then dredge the main river five meters deep and 15 meters upstream.
Also, dredge three meters deep and 15 meters upstream of the two tributaries and surely the gravitational pull and flow of the river would be great.
Then widen and deepen the cross drainages from Km. 4. to Balili Bridge.
The government does nto need to spend P10 million on this, compared to the P100M for that flood control project.
Why not program it to widen the bridge say, three to five meters each side, and install a modern galvanized/steel bridge instead of stressing out the strawberry farmers?
Only God can control floods hence, your project title is a misnomer. — JUNIPER DOMINGUEZ, Sabangan, Mountain Province