May 29, 2024

On use of Kennon Road by travelers with sirens and blinkers

This has reference to a story regarding the memorandum of Mayor Benjamin Magalong published in the Nov. 14 issue of the Baguio Midland Courier, which states: “The unauthorized use of siren, bell, horn, whistle, and similar devices of producing loud or startling sounds as well as blinkers, dome lights or flashing gadgets is prohibited under Presidential Decree S. 1973.”
As a resident of Camp 7, I have been observing many travelers from the lowlands coming up to Baguio via Kennon Road are accompanied by motorcycle-riding escorts with flashing and noise-making devices as if to signal other vehicles ahead to move to the side so these travelers can go first.
Although these travelers may be headed to the city on official business, what is the purpose of these escorts by the way? When these travelers leave Baguio, it is the exact scenario when passing through Kennon Road with their motorcycle-riding escorts.
Pardon my curiosity but who are these travelers?
Has the Department of Public Works and Highways authorized vehicular traffic on Kennon Road for non-residents and those coming from outside of Benguet even if rehabilitation has not yet been finished? — NAME WITHHELD UPON REQUEST