March 24, 2023

P30 fare for a 5.2-km trip

Earlier this month, drivers of public utility jeepneys servicing residents of Barangay Bineng, La Trinidad, Benguet have increased the fare rate to P30. There was a P5 increase, while the increase of the Baguio-La Trinidad transport group is P2 plus P1 for the succeeding kilometer.

Passengers are complaining the P30 fare covering 5.2 kilometers is exorbitant.

Last July 19, barangay officials organized a meeting with the Bineng PUJ operators and drivers and constituents to talk about the fare increase.

The operators and drivers have agreed to a P27 fare rate for regular and P25 for senior and student passengers. The new rate was supposed to take effect July 20. This agreement was also posted on Bineng Facebook account.

However, the drivers still collect P30.

To the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, please act on this matter. Are drivers or operators authorized to increase fare to any amount they want?

Is the P30 fair for the passengers thinking that it is more than twice the standard fare rate for five km.?
Can passengers refuse to comply with the agreement made in an assembly? — ANNIELYN MIGUEL, La Trinidad, Benguet

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