June 17, 2024

It is June and it is #PrideMonth where each spectrum of the gay community is celebrated alongside the realization that everybody should be gay.
Gay is described in the dictionary as a noun pertaining to a person of the third gender or homosexual and as an adjective which means happy. When using the word “gay” nowadays, we often contextualize it with its noun meaning.
When we think of gay people we think of comedians like Vice Ganda or a gay friend who makes us laugh as we walk arm in arm. We think of lightheartedness when we are with them because it is widely known that they are one of the happiest people.
While gay people show their colorful and bright qualities, more often than not, the label is used derogatively. It unmasks the reality that being gay in a straight world is prone to discrimination and lingering stereotypes. This shows that the rainbow that represents gay people means that it survived storms and will continue to survive for it to come out and show its colors.
Belittlement comes from all walks of life and this is why studies show that gay people have higher levels of empathy. In reality, it is depicted by people who preach love yet hate their gay neighbor. This is not compassion. It achingly starts young as children bully their classmates who befriend the opposite sex and acts malamya or feminine. This is not kindness. Some parents stifle their children for being different and force them to pray the gay away. This is not familial love. Friendships are broken when a friend crosses boundaries. This is not a mutual bond. The spiteful look on a stranger’s face when two individuals of the same sex hold hands. This is not a connection. The gradual increase of hate crimes against one’s gender identity and expression. This is not humane.
These belittlements prove that everybody should be gay. Being gay not literally but going beyond the constructed social meaning that is allied with presumptuous cons. It is learning to put our feet on a gay person’s shoes for they have struggled to fit in our shoes. We empathize and be sensitive towards them. We respect their gender identity, expression, and labels. We ask kindly and graciously and we do not assume.
Being gay means being happy with who you are as a person as you value relationships with families and friends regardless of what is between one’s thighs. It is being hopeful that a time will come where being gay is not just tolerated but genuinely celebrated. (CLEEVIMAE S. OYAN)