May 28, 2024

The Women’s Month aims to celebrate the achievements of women, examine gender equality efforts, and look ahead to the steps that must be taken to ensure development in society.
History tells us that women find it more difficult to prove their worth in society. They have fewer options in terms of opportunities. But through time, women across the globe became game changers and trendsetters in different fields.
A 52-year-old widow shared her story how she overcame the challenges in her life for the past 21 years.
“When my husband died, I did not know how I was going to raise my six children without him,” Marceline Evasco recalls.
In 2004, her husband died of intestinal cancer. Marceline had to work to feed her family. She was worried about making enough money to provide for her children. The only time she felt comforted was when she found refuge in the church.
“Our life back then was difficult especially that I am the only one in the family who is capable of providing their needs,” Evasco said.
She narrated: “My eldest child insisted to work so that she can help me. At first, I was reluctant because I want all of them to continue their education. She was so determined to work because my second child is also in college at that time and we cannot afford the tuition.”
Because of this, Evasco worked hard by tending to their little farm. Later on, she went to Baguio City to peddle a few vegetables.
“I also tried to be a labandera and collected scraps such as mineral bottle containers, cans, plastics and many more around La Trinidad and Baguio City,” recalled Evasco.
“I did all of this for my family and I am thankful to God because all my sacrifices paid off. My eldest child now has a stable job. Two of my children are policemen. One of my children topped the board exam for Criminology. He later took up law and passed the Bar exam, thereafter. Two of my children are still studying and I know that with the help of our faith coupled with hard work, they too will achieve their desires,” Evasco said.
“A strong woman is able to understand her experiences and resolve with courage the challenges along her way. Look back and reflect to those experiences,” Evasco said. (STEPHANIE INGGOY)