June 17, 2024

Dear Manang,
Elections are around the corner and my friends make me look like an odd man who doesn’t want to follow the same candidate as theirs. But I don’t believe in what that person stands for and have not seen what the person has done. Do I just pretend to follow like the candidate to keep peace? Or should I leave my friends?
Martha of Apugan, Baguio City

Dear Martha,
Sometimes, elections are just for the moment and to forget friendships for it is foolish. I think you just have to keep your cool. I did that once and just followed my choice on election day. But I got found out because it happened that my polling center result revealed one vote for the candidate which showed that I lied. I was still my friend’s friend. So I know that elections will pass by soon. Keep your vote.
Work with your conscience,

Dear Manang,
I was harassed through the phone by a vendor when I didn’t complete my order for an item. It was just that I didn’t need it and it wasn’t what I wanted. Do I have to feel bad that I didn’t like it? Can’t I change my mind?
I am still being called by the vendor. What do I do? It’s getting annoying.
Liz ofAbanao Road, Baguio City

Dear Liz,
Thanks for writing about this. Actually, this happens often and it’s nothing new. The price of annoyance is expensive because it affects your mental and physical health. Have you blocked the number? Give your parting blessings to him and say that you will block him.
Say goodbye,