June 14, 2024
The capsule room for digital nomads.

This new 3Bu Café (Tribu) den is a place to visit. You can take your friends and visitors to savor their yummy Oriental fried chicken, other delicious sizzling dishes and smoothies.

It’s a good hangout for millennials and a bit challenging for older adults like me, but worth it. It is located at the rooftop of the 3Bu Hostel located at Upper Bonifacio, Baguio City. The building is beside Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital parking in Bonifacio street and just across Data Center. It is accessible by public transport, jeepneys or taxis, enroute to Trancoville, passing below the Baguio Cathedral.

3Bu Hostel Upper Bonifacio pods.  — 3Bu Hostel

Millennials Chino Chow (your favorite DJ Parker of 96.7 K-lite Beta Broadcasting Inc. owned and operated by Letlet dela Cruz), Chieko Okada, Jayson Estillore and Chef Hadji Romero collaborated and voila the café had its soft opening on May 19.

3Bu Cafe, roof deck of 3Bu Hostel at Upper Bonifacio.

“I popped the idea of operating the cafe to 3Bu Hostel owner Jerrison Tiong after visiting the cafe on March of this year,” recalled Chino, who is also a Chinese and acrylic painter.

Fruit yogurt smoothies, 3Bu iced tea and milk tea. — Rae Floresca Rigonan

“Jerrison said yes so I involved two friends, Chieko Okada and Jayson Estillore. Chieko has a background on bartending and Jayson is an IT programmer who is interested in doing food business. And me, I had a small restaurant some years ago. We planned the menu in collaboration with our chef Hadji Romero and Chieko formulated the drinks.”  

Chicharon bulaklak, Oriental fried chicken, and pork sisig. — Moe Abellera of A Shot of Baguio

For those interested, you may contact the café and hostel at 0956-627-9521. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10p.m.

The café and hostel cater to foreigners and digital nomads from outside Baguio and students surrounding university belt.

Oriental fried chicken. — Rae Floresca Rigonan

Chino adds, “We offer classic Pinoy and Chinese dishes with coffee classics, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages. The 3Bu Cafe is operating as 3Bu hostel’s restaurant. They operate as one. The cafe also functions as co working space with unlimited coffee, equipped with reliable Internet and back-up power supply in case of interruptions.”

Owners Chieko Okada, Chino Chow, and Jayson Estillore (not in photo).

According to Pao Carantes San Juan, one of Chino’s closest friends and a topmake-up artist in Baguio, he also goes to the capsule hostel when he wants alone time and also because the prices are very reasonable.


Stella Maria L. de Guia