December 1, 2023

Looking for a gourmet and delightful Sunday for the family? Come and join us at the 2nd International Food Festival 2023 on Oct. 22 from 8 a.m to 7:00 p.m. at Session Road. Enjoy the flavors of the world.

 Have a food adventure and have fun going up and down Session road’s memory lane. The project is sponsored by the Baguio General Hospital Advisory Board in coordination with the BGH Medical Center, the City of Baguio, the Baguio Museum, SM City Baguio and the Baguio Midland Courier for the benefit of indigent patients, to supplement their surgery and medicines.

 Once upon a Sunday, imagine yourself having a bite of that international cuisine of your choice and taking a sip of milk tea, juice or coffee amidst the laughter of kids and the dazzling color of the tents. Enjoy the festive atmosphere.

You are not only satisfying your palates, but contributing to the welfare of others. A fine Sunday ripple effect of goodness indeed!

Committee Chair Gloria Antoinette Hamada and the Advisory Board team members during the briefing the participants.

  The 68-year-old BGHMC Advisory Board has been doing projects to raise funds to help indigent patients. It is composed of community leader volunteers from the private sectors and government sectors who serve as conduits of the BGHMC to the community and vice versa. These volunteers come up with fund raising activities with projects like “Share a Joy” during the Christmas season, “Calamity outreach programs”, and “Merienda Cena”. In 2019 the advisory board conducted the 1st “International Food Festival.”

As you slowly saunter on this historic road on a lovely Sunday, you will see it transformed into a kaleidoscope of cultures with each stall decorated with flags and ornaments and showing a part of their food and culture. The organizers for this event worked tirelessly for months to ensure that this year’s food festival would be memorable and successful. Armed with your mobile phones, you take pictures of the activities, have your kid’s faces painted and sketched by talented students. Then you meet organizers in black aprons and apple green t-shirts monitoring the event and you stop for a chit chat. You might know them after all.

 Remember to bring your eco bags. If you don’t have one buy them at the BGH Advisory booth. Or if you are thirsty, water will be available at the booth.

Enjoy the World of flavors. Join and be merry at the 2nd International Food festival on Oct. 22.

The participants with  hearts of gold who were willing to donate to indigent patients are listed in alphabetical order: Alabanza’s Longganisa by Vonda Alabanza (Filipino food), Alexandria’s Food Shake by Helene Rose Zulueta (peeled fruits), Baby Rose Food House  by Amelita Mangaoang (Filipino kakanin), Balbacua, Bellychon &Breakfast by Grace Calleja (Filipino cuisine), Behang’s Empanada by Jocelyn Cocson Corpuz (empanada, bagnet), Chimichanga by Jaime’s family c/o Mary Cura (Mexican cuisine), Cho Katsu by Bryan Kim and Aimee Uy (Japanese Cuisine), Chrismer’s Fast Food of la Azotea by Eden dela Cruz (Filipino Cuisine), Eclissi Café by Shelina Dominguez (rice bowls, nachos and milk tea), Fiesta Chills by Aulivia Ong (milktea and siopao), Green Smoothie by Donna Gunn (plant based smoothies), Happy Tummy by Ligaya Gomez (Thai Cuisine), Highland Smoke House by Arjyen Datuin (Texan and Mexican cuisine), Himalayan by Julian Shakya (Nepalese and Himalayan Cuisine), Hodori Korean Restaurant by Janine Ferrer (Korean cuisine), Joem’s Snack House by Selina Perez (Filipino Kankanin), Juice N Bites by Anna Marie Tiong-Torres, Madonna Samson by Madona (Ice cream hopia and manga), Marissa Balajadia by Marissa (special dried fish), Mei Hwa Classic Deli by Christopher So (Chinese cuisine), Naychit Food Products by Kate Becnan (Filipino cuisine), Orchard –King Chef by Hansel David Co (Chinese cuisine), Orchard-That Little Café by Hansel David Co (Western Cuisine),Punchy Palate Gastropub by Amilop Samson (ice cream, poppers, hot headed squid), Road 1 Bistro by Sierra Parrocha (ice tea and more), Rosalinda Tagudar by Rosalinda (Filipino Kankanin), Sausages by Mylen Claveria (German and Hungarian sausages), Starway Hotel C and P Buduo Training Center by Joy Campos (Milkteas and fruiteas, Starway Hotel Restaurant by Joy Campos ( Asian Cuisine), Sugarshack Food Trading by Althea Mae Pelien (assorted kimchi, mango and strawberry foodies), The Manor at Camp John Hay by Wilma Baoa (hotdogs, fries, cotton candy), Three J and G by Violeta Kimmayong (Filipino Cuisine) and Wittle Pastries/Snooze Coffee Concepts, by Chelsea Verzosa (salad, wraps, sandwiches and cookies).

BGH Advisory Board meets with the participants to the “2nd International Food Festival 2023”.

And for fruits and fresh vegetables: William Paraan and Maria Ayagen, Charmaine Quirimit and Lolita Perias, Sharmaine Pagaduan and John Mark Nueva, Nilo Taopo Jr and Diana dela Cruz,  and Rodney Corpuz with  Moana Eckwey. Some of the generous donors are SM City Baguio, Hill Station and Chaya.

The festival is under Committee Chair Antoinette Hamada and OIC Joseph Rulla. The events team is composed of Parveen Budhrani, Kristine Sameon, Gloria Jasa, Helen Tibaldo, Benito Tiong, Joey Rulla, Nonnette Bennett, Magda Dawawong, Belita Pena, Maria Vida Ragma, Nora Mangusan, Zosimo Abratique and Stella de Guia.

The International Food Festival is certain to whet your appetite with the variety of cuisine. It will give you a sense of belonging to a global community. It will fill your stomachs. So, arm yourself with your cameras for lasting memories and remember to return next year for another food adventure. Cheers! (Photos by Helen Tibaldo, poster by Chino Chow) – Stella Maria L. de Guia