April 20, 2024

1. It is not politically-motivated when charges filed against public officials are backed with pieces of evidence and not merely based on allegations.

2. Some infrastructure projects that were awarded to contractors through rigged bidding is not condoned by an LGU promoting good governance.

3. This government executive once accused of back-channeling against the great interest and welfare of IPs and ICCs is not expanding his mansion.

4. The application of a former public official to serve as an errand assistant of a fellow politician is being studied tho-roughly by a concerned office.

5. The traffic gridlock being experienced in the localities is being addressed by indefatigable cops without the assistance of artificial intelligence yet.

6.  A Cordilleran who rose from the ranks to become a regional executive has been assigned to a new region even without a padrino in Malacañang.

7. Groups whose bank assets were frozen by the government due to their association to “terrorism” do not want the public to know about their assets.

8. The embassy of a nation helpful in advancing the interests of the country is unhappy with how these TV hosts are red-tagging prominent journalists.

9. A chief executive in the Cordillera welcomes constructive criticisms since he believes it is part of democracy while one treats them as irrelevant.

10. There is nothing personal when the mouthpiece of an LGU simply presented the side of a ranking official who is facing several charges for alleged graft.