July 19, 2024

Everybody is fighting for his battle. We have our own struggles to combat.
It is so depressing if we are faced with problems or adversities. There are times that we want to surrender. Our mind and body are already weak. We just want to rest and end our sufferings.
Life is indeed challenging. Hence, one must be tough and optimistic. Filipino businessman and inspirational speaker Francis Kong said, “Difficulties and challenges in our lives don’t come to destroy us but to help us realize our hidden potential. Quitting, escaping, blaming, and refusing to face the challenges forfeits this opportunity.”
Mr. Kong is right. There are still good things for us to be grateful amidst misfortunes. During those unfavorable times, we can discover our unseen aptitudes. We can also find out that there are a lot of beautiful things to cherish. These are essential for our survival and recovery.
Our endurance and innovative skills are some of the examples. We don’t expect that these manifest during hard times. They appeared unexpectedly and their presence lightens our burdens. We need them to cheer us and rejuvenate our lost energy and spirit.
I was unluckily diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It took me several days to accept it. I questioned the existence and fairness of God. Why He let me suffered this kind of sickness? He knows me more than anyone else. I asked him to take back the life He lent me due to pain and hopelessness.
After my major operation or surgery, I suffered depression. Darkness surrounded my world. Life is no longer beautiful to me. The removal of one part of my body made me ugly and incomplete. Worse, I experienced memory loss due to the adverse effect of anesthesia. It added more agony to me.
However, I did not expect to develop the strength and mindset to stay buoyant despite my serious illness. It is really true that right attitude will keep you going and alive in times of critical situations.
I am proud to say that I am now a true warrior. It is always best to stay optimistic because you can fully discover yourself. I have a cancer but this will not be the reason of my defeat. Only those who surrender are the losers. Of course, I am not one of them. Healthy living both in mental and physical will surely bring me a trophy. Yes, I will be a winner because I am a believer and a fighter.
I also realized that kindness and moral support can move mountains. They make sick, weak and hopeless people regain their strengths and confidence.
My experience proves it. When I started to lose hope due to health issues, there’s someone who listened to my sentiments. I am forever grateful to our former Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Federico P. Martin. He is an epitome of compassion and great leadership. His understanding and being a good listener made a difference in my life. A great leader is someone who has a big heart to his underlings. Philippine secretary of National Defense said, “Leadership is about capturing people’s hearts. Just like the heart that pumps blood to the body to support life, a good leader must pump hope, enthusiasm and possibilities to support people’s aspirations and pursuit of a better future. A leader who has a heart bigger than all combined that magnetizes people to believe and follow him.”
Moral support from my daughter, parents, sisters, friends, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances brought me joy and boosted my courage. I can’t imagine my life without them. There are no exact words to express my gratitude. I thank God for them. I pray them for more success to continue to be blessings to others.
Our life is temporary. Make the most out of it. More importantly, be a true warrior of kindness and godliness. It is always best to give light and sunshine to our fellows especially in their darkest times. It might affect their life positively and permanently.