December 5, 2023

Dear Manang,
I have started my online business since the lockdown. But I keep hearing about the government trying to find the online businesses to impose taxes on them. There’s very little profit from the business because of the cost of delivery and transport, and the money doesn’t return quickly. We also lose when the buyer doesn’t appear to receive the delivery at a drop station. The tax will kill our chance to earn. Can we be helped?
Cressida of San Carlos, Baguio City

Dear Cressida,
As it appears, there is much debate on whether online businesses are unlawful. Some have been advised to register their businesses with City Hall even if it is online. The problem with these local business permits is that it taxes you more than what you earn. Government doesn’t believe the amount you declare as income, whether you are honest or not. We can try to appeal to the different government agencies in the meantime. But for now, stay honest and do business right. You have sought a way to survive and earn a decent living.
Be earnest,

Dear Manang,
Is forgetfulness a sign of Alzheimer’s Disease? My mother has been forgetting things so often lately. Is there a way to delay this? Is there a diet or exercise to improve memory?
Don, Happy Glen Loop, Baguio City

Dear Don,
WebMd says that mild forgetfulness isn’t Alzheimer’s Disease yet. When that is mixed with confusion and inability to perform common tasks, you should begin to worry. A health website suggests that keeping the heart healthy will keep the mind strong. Cardio exercises are recommended paired off with heart healthy diets. has this to say, “Current evidence suggests that heart-healthy eating may also help protect the brain. Heart-healthy eating includes limiting the intake of sugar and saturated fats and making sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. No one diet is best. Two diets that have been studied and may be beneficial to lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease are the dietary approaches to stop hypertension diet and the Mediterranean diet.”
Check them out.

Try them out,