September 28, 2023

Dear Manang,
Is there such a thing as no discrimination against age, race, gender, and religion in this country? Or is it just lip service? Being 60 years old is definitely not beyond employability and not enough reason to be rejected for any kind of job. I recently applied for an online position and was told many other reasons for not qualifying but my feeling is that it was my age. Are there any jobs available for seniors who are still able to work? In other countries like Singapore, there is a McDonald’s store that has seniors serving, why not here?
Polly of Puliwes, Baguio City

Dear Polly,
We need to admit that 60 is not an employable age given the retirement age has been moved to 55 years old. Indeed, our country is not agreeable with hiring elders when there is a young generation that needs to feed their families. I would think that the elderly must move aside and let them earn their keep. I’m sure that opening a business is a great option for you and you will be able to help yourself a lot. There’s not much you and I can do to change it.
Accept it,

Dear Manang,
There are a lot of scams going on. My family just lost our entire fortune because my family got scammed into investing in a money back guarantee in three months. We thought it was an answered prayer for my daughter’s college tuition but it turned out to be a curse because we are left with nothing. God took away everything and my husband and I are not yet but almost giving up. I pray for a sign that God will still be at our side through this trial. What do we do?
Connie of Bayan Park, Baguio City

Dear Connie,
God is good all the time. This is all I can say because when one door seems to close, it may open another one which will actually be better. When families get together to find their strength at such time, they find something that they overlooked as an ability. A father may have a skill at making decorative baskets that can be used for plants or other things to start all over again. Who knows if this can grow into something bigger and better than what was lost. It can be a sign for better times. Don’t despair.
Don’t give up,