July 14, 2024

Yes, Anchorwheel is not just a text away, it is a restaurant open to enjoy the popular dynamite pizza and other favorites. A spacious dining hall good for more than 100 diners on the second floor of the Kiltepan Building along Naguilian Road is home for this former delivered food service.

It is the sampling that is more important nowadays to know the food on a menu.

Dynamite pizza is made with green longcapsicum called jalapeños as main garnish, if I am not mistaken. These are seeded and filled with cream cheese then wrapped with bacon. Then these are neatly lined in a crust that is brushed with blended tomato sauce with some spices, the crust ends are stuffed with cream cheese as well.

Long pieces of bacon wrapped capsicum aremain ingredients in each slice of pizza, using an average of eight pieces in a 10-inch serving. This is covered with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, them baked.

Pork kini-ing pizza uses slivers of smoked pork as the main ingredient, this is garnished with thin slices of bell peppers and onions before mozzarella is used to cover the top. The meat is tender with a narrow portion of fat that adds flavor to this.

The cheese and bacon pizza is delightfully filled with cheddar cheese and slices of bacon then topped with mozzarella. This should delight those who want vegetables excluded because there is no vegetable to garnish this. There is a parmesan cheese shaker on the table for you to generously add this salty cheese to the pizzas before eating.

The spicy cream seafood pasta is a pleasant edition of pasta made with al dente flat noodles. The generous amount of creamy sauce where peeled shrimps and slices of button mushrooms are simmered make this pasta type a must try for spicy food fans. Each fork full can make the mouth burn a little.

The Bolognese spaghetti will be anyone’s favorite. Spaghetti al dente noodles are covered with a rich and thick sauce made with ground pork and tomato sauce. This is sweet and should delight young and old customers. French bread slices with garlic butter accompany the servings of pasta and spaghetti that can be shared.

The fried chicken of Anchorwheel is different from others you’ve tried. The drumsticks marinated in buttermilk are enjoyable and flavorsome. This is the first time I noted the milky taste of the drumstick that is rolled in a light flour batter before it is deep fried. This taste has seldom come through the chicken although many use milk to soak chicken before it is fried.

The servings come in a kilo or 500 grams. This should be enjoyed in the barkada combo with 14-inch pizza, Bolognese spaghetti, and soda.

The kini-ingpork burger with potato chips and mayonnaise dip is another menu treat. The finger thick patties made with bits of smoked pork give you a different experience in eating burgers. This crumbles with each bite in a bun with lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, and sweet pickles. A must again, if you ask me. The potato chips are perfect with this as a solo order.

There are desserts too like banana, choco, and pineapple cake ala mode. The purple yam dessert pizza and nutella pizza should be other adventures to enjoy.

Capping these foods with coffee press made from a blend of coffee beans from the market is perfect to me. Not to forget to note that all ingredients are sourced from local merchants. The kini-ing is made by a relative who assures the standard quality of the pork and beef.

There you have it! You can enjoy the great food that has an advocacy to boot, to serve orphans and children in need in these parts.

Let’s dine in with Anchorwheel any time. – Nonnette C. Bennett