February 29, 2024

Who says the oldies can’t have fun?

In this quaint city of Baguio, golden ladies and gentlemen continue to thrive. They call themselves the Oldies- Goldies and I suppose goodies. Oldies but goodies, right? Bonded by unbreakable decades of friendships and camaraderie, their affinity transcends time despite varied professions and distance.

The journey of their friendship started in their youth in the 1960s. Who knew that some of them would end up as lifetime partners?

Amidst grey hairs and added pounds their bond grew stronger over the years. They celebrated each other’s triumphs. They also supported one another through life’s trials and challenges.

Never forgetting, just remembering and helping. One thing is sure. they all enjoy each other’s company,  laughter, travels and adventures, kwentuhan, lunches and picnics together.

And lately immersed themselves in that fun game that’s good for the brain (so I say) called bingo.It’s never a dull moment for this group. Annual reunion at the Baguio City National High School during the month of May is a must.

Fortunate to have been invited to one of their gourmet adventures, thank you to Elizabeth Thiele (an old acquaintance) and cousin Genie Abiad,  we relished a taste of Indian food at Ranee House of Curry located at 25 J. Felipe St. in Barangay Lualhati (previously Cafe). We had a taste of buttered chicken curry, other Asian and Indian dishes and Popiah ( fresh spring rolls filled with shredded vegetables, ubod, lettuce, shallots with and garnished with either chili or peanut sauces).

Ranee will open a branch in Makati soon. It even has a red Food Truck. Owned by Rico Amancio, Ranee House of Curry operates from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

If you want to whet your craving for Indian and Asian food. you may get in touch with them thru Arra or thru mobile number0929-890-9700.

And so, as we sipped tea and coffee amidst laughter and ube bread merienda at the house of Elizabeth Mori Thiele, each one treasured lifelong and new found friendships and cherished memories.

Ang ganda ng buhay!

So yes, mega tanders at mga oldies, there is life after retirement.

Celebrate life. Celebrate with family. Celebrate with friends.

Hasta la Vista!

(Photos by Virginia Abiad) – Stella Maria L. de Guia