June 17, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am annoyed and want to express my anger. Some people take it for granted that everyone is a volunteer. It is not as if I am paid to do what I do for the organization that I can be reprimanded for something that is beyond my control. Actually, I am annoyed with the short memory people have. They forget what was said before. How do you move on?
Lexi of T. Pinpin Street, Baguio City

Dear Lexi,
Sounds like you are surrounded by elders. Oh, dear. Yours is a thankless job, very few of them have grown too used to their lifestyle that they forget that they are becoming obnoxious and you are in a better position to understand them.That is the curse of the young. Get angry if you will but direct that to productive ends. It can be expended by cleaning or laundry. Sorry for your dissatisfaction but it is a futile move to be disrespectful even if they are.
Go clean the house,

Dear Manang,
A dear friend has died and I am so sad. I can’t imagine how his wife feels. How can I express my condolences to the family? I have not moved on from the death of a friend yet and I can see that she will need time too. How have you dealt with this? Do I leave her alone?
Aida of Lualhati, Baguio City

Dear Aida,
I can’t console you on that because I have found it difficult to do that.
Sometimes just asking them how they are and assure them that you at arms’reach is enough. Play it by ear. Send her some food that she likes works too.
Just say hello,