July 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
I have a girlfriend who I am comfortable going out with. We agree on many things and do many things together. In short we enjoy each other’s company. To me, expressing love in actions is more than having to say it. I assume that she is reciprocating that love when we text, call and spend the hours together. Do you think it is safe to directly ask her to marry me by next year? Or am I being a coward about rejection?
Minho of Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Minho,
You are assuming reciprocated love from this girl and brave enough to ask for her to marry you without even telling her you love her. Are you sure? Are you ready for the pain of rejection when you show her the wedding rings? I wish I had your bravery to know love. I can only advice you to give her love litmus tests if you do not confess your love first and wait for her to say the same. I pray for your love to be returned.
Say you love her,

Dear Manang,
I live with my boyfriend. Our partnership has lasted four years but as we get to know each other more, I feel that he is incompetent. I do not see the same degree of love from him. He does not give me money or offer to give me his money when I want to go to the market. He leaves the house without telling me where he is going and arrives in silence. The cats get a hello or how are you but I don’t even get a smile. I am afraid to ask questions because I am afraid of the answers. Is he incompetent? Or am I incompetent?
Batch of Malaya Subd., Baguio City

Dear Batch,
Incompetent is not the right word. It looks more like incompatible. It’s sad that it took a fourth year for you to grow cold. Is he living in your house or are you living in his house? If you are living with him, may I suggest for you to get out of there. Pronto! You are being given the cold treatment. That relationship is dead and one is just being nice. If it is your house, I don’t think he would have even lasted that long to skidaddle. My dear. What are you holding on to? Have some pride.
Pack up quick,