April 22, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am not normally a jealous person but there is a certain lady who is getting too close to my boyfriend. It is just a feeling that puzzles me. Maybe it is because she makes it a point to be around when I am not. When I call my boyfriend, he tells me she’s there or she dropped by. I don’t show him my annoyance but I want to scream. Should I stay beside my boyfriend to make sure she stays away?
Hurting of Jungletown, Baguio City

Dear Hurting,
I am happy that your boyfriend sees nothing wrong in her visits. If he was interested in her, he would begin hiding the pop-ins. He would not mention her going by if your suspicions were correct. Sometimes, it will just need your reassuring your boyfriend that you are paying attention to him. Maybe it would be magic to call him during the day and tell him you just remembered him because something reminded you of him. Also, ask if he wants to have dinner or bring him some lunch as a gesture.
Don’t freak out,

Dear Manang,
I am torn between getting a babysitter and not working while my baby is just eight months old. The family needs the funds because my three children are in school but I feel that I am still the best caregiver for my child who is still breastfeeding. The extra cash will not be that much but I was hoping that the job would lead to a more permanent placement which is the future. What are your thoughts?
Kim of San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

Dear Kim,
Looking too far into the future isn’t practical at this time. The reason is that your child needs three years of your care, actually a full seven years if you want him or her to be secure and mature by the time you let go. The money that you will earn don’t seem worth letting a babysitter do your nurturing job if you want your child to be a good citizen. Wait a little more.
Give it more time,