July 25, 2024

Stella Maria L. de Guia
The Baguio Association of Restaurants (BAR) headed by Michael del Rosario hosted a thanksgiving luncheon for the healing of Mike Anton and Artemio Nang of Rosebowl Restaurant.
Included in the intentions of the thanksgiving mass and get together was the good prognosis of the specialists of Edna Anton from Standford Hospital in California which indicated that she needed no further surgery.
Pete Siapno, initial planner of the reunion and thanksgiving mass, said “this was the first BAR luncheon get together among members after more than two years since the pandemic.
The event originally slated at Rosebowl was later transferred to the Baguio Country Club for more space. Through the initiative of Edna Anton, Baguio Country Club General Manager Anthony de Leon offered BAR a very generous package.
Pete and Janet Lu joined hands to coordinate with BCC’s F & B Manager Sharon Bernal, Angela Lorraine Rafael and Eric Samson who competently assisted the BAR and made the luncheon get together a success.
A special thank you to Gemma Gardingan-Estolas of the Baguio Museum who assisted in the registration of guests.”
There were about 62 BAR members, including their families and some very close friends, who attended the thanksgiving luncheon.
Michael del Rosario remains to be the president of BAR since its creation in 1991. (Photos by Emma Siapno and Karen Anton)