May 23, 2024

Nonnette C. Bennett
We could not be discouraged to have lunch at Casa Lasa after the Monday that we found it closed and we were delighted. There is a meandering walk that one must take to reach the restaurant located on the second floor of the building. This is a perfect location for a small private party on a porch of a former home.
The menu has fusion food that includes salads, pasta, lasagna, pizza, sushi, and a load of interesting meals for the young palate.
The butterfly kisses lemonade is the first adventure into a healthy drink. The butterfly pea flower extract that is poured into the berry lemonade is a tangy drink that beats the heat. The deep blue tea juice is mixed into the icy pink berry lemonade. The kiss comes with the puckering of the lips because it can get too tangy.This is a match with the flavors of the food that we ordered.
The herb baked chicken is truly a house specialty because this was baked to perfection with the mix of dry herbs rubbed on the chicken. The fresh rosemary was a dominant flavor that seeped into the meat of the quarter leg of chicken. The cup of rice and the buttered carrots and French beans that went with it made the perfect combination.
Salmon teriyaki is a surf and turf combination with the teriyaki glazed Norwegian salmon on portions of baked pork were a mix of textures. The flaky salmon and the chewy pork were perfectly prepared with a thick sauce made from sweet soy sauce giving the food the Asian touch. Caramelized onions are an additional great texture and sweetness to the food.
Three cheese pizza in the Casa Lasa version must be tried. They make their own flaky and crusty pizza dough topped with a generous amount of cheddar and mozzarella and drizzled with the sharp and salty parmesan cheese is truly a cheese lover’s dream come true. This pizza version will fulfill the craving to the hilt. They have a special spicy sauce that surpasses the other hot sauces, and this is made special at Casa Lasa.
The Asian salad was perfect for one person on a diet. The green lettuce was the base with strips of carrots, pineapple preserves, slivers of apples, and slices of grilled chicken breast have the components of a balanced diet. This has a vinaigrette dressing with toasted sesame seeds. This is a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and crunchy textures. It is always refreshing to have fresh greens in Baguio.
The Cuban sandwich was a must try after a delightful encounter with the sandwiches of another restaurant. This is supposed to be made with Cuban bread that’s a soft roll, this edition had some kind of baguette with a crusty sweet outer layer. But the cheddar cheese, ham, and pulled pork added in the sandwich were good, no complaints. But the research on this kind of food said that it should have some mustard and pickles included which I guess some people don’t enjoy. But this is an interesting sandwich to try here.
The menu includes steaks and other fusion foods that must be sampled. There should be some interesting fare that will be enjoyed by the millennium tastebuds. But the passage to this part of the yard should be another adventure because one goes up and around parts of the lawn across a bridge into the porch of a house.
The dining area is set in a super airy area where one doesn’t need to fear the possibility of catching the virus. It is charming and a nice place to have conversations. Please find them on Facebook.
The search is an additional charm to eating out and enjoying the restaurant cuisine.
Happy Easter everyone. Happy eating!