December 6, 2023

Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Spiderman, Jennermann. These names that have the word “man” appended toward the last names of superheroes and somehow, the last one does not seem correct. Right?
Yet, the term Jennermann, can rightfully and properly be categorized to be one of them with one particular difference. Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Spiderman are fictional characters performing extraordinary things while Jennermann is a real human being who is content in entertaining and fascinating people around the world by promoting the Philippines. To me, that is a heroic act for someone who is not a Filipino.
Who specifically is Jennermann? Why am I so enamored by him that I am even willing to count him as among my heroes? Why is he so special that I dare to categorize him as a good example?
Jennermann’s first name is Kyle and he is a Canadian by birth. He was born on April 22, 1988 in Vancouver, Canada. He is by nature an adventurer and has visited many Southeast Asian countries. He mostly fell in love with the Philippines after he accidentally came here as a part of an aid group to give assistance to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. From that moment on, he no longer wanted to leave. Hence, his lifelong dream and aspiration is to become a Filipino citizen.
On Sept. 16, his dream became a reality when the Senate approved his naturalization and was allowed to take his oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines. I am one of the millions of his subscribers on the Internet and is as happy as Jennermann that finally, he is one of us.
Jennermann is a positive influence in our society. He has this distinctive contagious smile in him that elicits good vibrations and make those who would sit and watch his vlogs smile in return. He goes around the country featuring long-forgotten scenic spots from far-flung islands and eats with gusto Filipino foods that are not promoted in the market. In all places that he visited (with his motor bike-cum scooter he christened “Loleng”), he is a friend to all and enemy to none. Indeed, through his simple ways, he invited more tourists to the archipelago than what the Department of Tourism can muster.
Kyle Jennermann is a vlogger with an assumed name “Kulas.” He has more than one million subscribers on his YouTube channel entitled “Becoming Filipino.” His vlogs center on the beauty of the Philippines, the hospitality of its people and the rich diversity of its cuisine. He produces and acts on small films that touch on the best of what the country can offer to visitors. He minces no words in saying that the only place on Earth where paradise can be found is in the Philippines.
Now, that says a lot about the Philippines from someone who (was) not a Filipino. Tourists and visitors alike admit that they are enticed to come to the Philippines because of the invitation of Kulas. This, therefore, contributes to the development and promotion of the Philippines. By this alone, Jennermann is more Filipino than most Filipinos can assert.
There is one more important factor that must not be overlooked in the naturalization of Jennermann. In this time when more and more Filipinos are opting to migrate to other countries to obtain foreign citizenship, Kulas has imbibed the Filipino spirit and provided a psychological choice why being a Filipino is as cherished a thought as gaining economic stability. Him wanting to be a Filipino and ultimately becoming one is a clear justification that being a Filipino and living in the islands of the Philippines is something to be proud of.