February 29, 2024

Dear Manang,
What can I do to get over the feeling of betrayal? Or was I just hungry and overreacting when I got angry for waiting for a friend to pick me up? The friend went straight to the place and called to say he was already there. I was so angry I wanted to go straight home. But I went and ignored him and he left a while after. We are civil but I feel like I don’t really have friends. Am I over acting and making wrong decisions?
Darla of Apostol Street, Baguio City

Dear Darla,
We have our little quirks and it really doesn’t help when hunger is a factor. I remember that ad of a chocolate candy bar that had this monster until it was fed and changed back to normal. It should be fair warning not to engage when we are low on blood sugar. Your friend must feel rotten or make you look rotten. Whatever it is, you are the center of the universe. You will mend this relationship or not, will be totally in charge.
Eat the candy bar,

Dear Manang,
I have a daughter who has been doing things in her life that are making me worry. Recently, the father of her children has taken off with the kids. They are not married and the guy is jobless but has a fiancé who has agreed to take the lot. I do not side with my daughter because I know she is imperfect and she isn’t exactly ready to keep the house because she doesn’t even know where she wants to go and how to do it. But I want my grandkids back. They need their mother more. Can this be done?
Ces of Sanitary Camp, Baguio City

Dear Ces,
I am not a lawyer and I hope you can consult a lawyer soon. I can say that the courts give priority to mothers. I can’t imagine how he can get custody when he is jobless. He can’t show the court ability to support them. Your daughter can use her support from parents as a way to care for them. I pray for you to get the kids back. Prayers must count.
Pray hard,