June 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
Cheating is the name of the game these days. Online orders are delivered but not the actual item in the website. Accounts are hacked and identities stolen. I didn’t even order anything and it was delivered to my door saying that it was cash on delivery (COD). I have been victimized so many times that I feel sorry for myself because I feel like I’m being picked on. What can be done about this or what should I be prepared for?
Wilma of San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

Dear Wilma,
You are not the only person experiencing this. Thank goodness the delivery companies have found ways to return the items to senders when these are COD by not accepting them. I heard a friend say that you can claim that it is not the one you want. Some say you open it in front of the courier and return it to him, he can return it for you. There is no reason to be afraid to return the item. You are not being picked on, it’s just a regular thing now.
Just return it,

Dear Manang,
I despise people who complain that they have no money but are able to buy a new car. Some people have drama about being unable to pay back a debt but easily go on tours or treat others to lavish dinners or have big birthday bashes. I am of modest means and don’t care much for approval of others since I have no debts to cover. I wonder if the dishonesty will not catch up with them.
Blythe of Pinget, Baguio City

Dear Blythe,
There are such people in the world. The fool and the fooled are the kinds of people in the world. I hope they get punished too for making fools of others. I cannot guide you on this matter because I have no remedy to dispense for them. It’s our personal attitude that must be changed to lessen the pain. We should pray for good fortune so they may settle all debts.
Pray harder,