July 15, 2024

Dear Manang,
I was surprised to find out that hilots are no longer allowed to be birthing assistants in the home and that they can be criminally charged for helping women in their childbirth. I gave birth at home to two kids who are one and two years old because we have a farm lot 25 kilometers away from the main road and I asked an aunt to help when I could feel the baby coming into the world. When I went to register their birth because we need their birth certificates for legal purposes, I found out that home birth has been outlawed since 2008.
Clariza of La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Clariza,
Indeed, an administrative order, “Implementing Health Reforms toward Rapid Reduction in Maternal and Neonatal Mortality or the No Home Birthing Policy”, exists since 2008. Typical of our government agencies, this has caused different issues on the implementation. Local government units are prosecuting the persons who assist the mother and child while the Civil Registry has different requirements for such. On the other hand, the Department of Health instructs citizens to go to legitimate health providers for care at childbirth while some rural birthing facilities have no personnel and medical supplies sometimes which still results in the maternal or infant death that is being curbed by the policy. My view is serving your concerns about getting a birth certificate. I don’t see any hitch there for now.
May God be on our side,

Dear Manang,
We are three siblings and my father is sick. One has taken the cudgels for caring for him and I only have to see him and give what I can for the care. My other sibling is also sending money. Am I being too cold for not being by his side when I am not close to him anyway because of his ways as a father? I feel my obligation is to provide what he needs today but I am far from the description of a loving child to the father that he was. Need I do more?
Manuel, Quisumbing Subdivision

Dear Manuel,
Your presence is enough to show your support and the money to provide comfort. To some, it may be lacking of love, but to some it is enough. I would like to ask you if you are content with what you are giving, if you are satisfied with it then why care about what others say. You are paying your respects. What is important is what you feel and you have shown your care in the way you feel is sufficient.
God bless you,