December 1, 2023

The city council, under the stewardship of Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan and in partnership with the executive branch under Mayor Benjamin Magalong, has successfully performed its legislative task for the year 2019.
Its exemplary performance and dedication for the enactment of quality measures for the attainment of desirable socio-economic, environmental management, and enhanced development of the city were exhibited by the active participation and contributions of councilors Joel Alangsab, Benny Bomogao, Betty Lourdes Tabanda, Elaine Sembrano, Maria Mylen Victoria Yaranon, Isabelo Cosalan, Francisco Roberto Ortega VI, Arthur Allad-iw, Vladimir Cayabas, Fred Bagbagen, Lilia Fariñas, Philian Louise Weygan-Allan, Michael Lawana, and Levy Lloyd Orcales.
The good working relationship of the city’s executive and legislative branch was made possible by the vibrant involvement of the 18 departments, the different national offices which render their services in the city, and the enlightened citizenry pursuant to its policy of participatory governance.
Worth noting also are the prompt preparation and accomplishments of documents by the personal staff and the Sangguniang Panlungsod personnel of the four divisions of the Office of the City Council Secretary to the Sanggunian under Atty. Brenner Bengwayan.
As a result of the executive-legislative meeting on Aug. 1, 2019, the vice mayor and city council members have contributed five more points to the 10-point executive agenda of the city mayor, which was finalized as the 15-point guide of the city in delivering public governance consistent with the mission to “create a sustainable and enabling environment that promotes economic stability and ensure the general well-being of the citizenry.”
For 2019, the council has approved 517 resolutions surpassing last year’s 416 and passed 125 ordinances, which is the same number as of last year. Some of these are:
Ordinance 49, s. 2019 or the “Anti-Distracted Walking Ordinance,” which prohibits anyone from using devices and reading any material considered distractive while walking the streets and sidewalks in the city such as books and newspapers. The measure seeks to ensure safety of pedestrians by banning gadgets that potentially reduce sense of awareness, thereby causing road accidents and other untoward incidents. Records of the Baguio City Police Office revealed that a total of 469 individuals on first offense were apprehended in the three-day operation from Nov. 15 to 18, 2019;
Ordinance 75, s. 2019, which amends the “Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Ordinance in the City of Baguio” to update the penalties in a bid to curb traffic violations. The increase in penalties is expected to mitigate traffic and transportation problems arising from these violations;
Ordinance 7, s. 2019 for the grant of a cash award of P10,000 to nonagenarians. The awardee will also receive a plaque of recognition and a congratulatory resolution from the City of Baguio, and will be entitled to a regular medical check-up and monthly visit by government health personnel;
Ordinance 75, s. 2019, which sets the celebration of the “Mangan Taku!” Cordillera Food Fair Festival every second week of April as part of the Summer Vacation activities of Baguio. The festival will feature cuisines and heirloom dishes from the provinces of the Cordillera, including the preparation techniques by respective accomplished chefs from the provinces in the region. The measure seeks to boost culinary tourism in the region;
Ordinance 76, s. 2019 “Declaring the week where the 12th day of August falls to coincide with the International Youth Day. The celebration will highlight the contributions and significance of the youth to nation-building;
Ordinance 87, s. 2019 “Institutionalizing the indigenous peoples celebration in Baguio City every 9th day of August.” The celebration aims to bolster the awareness and involvement of indigenous peoples groups and non-indigenous peoples in issues related to culture, education, health, human rights, environment, and social and economic development;
Ordinance 86, s. 2019 for the provision of a Filipino sign language interpreter “to aid constituents with hearing impairments during important and momentous public or city government events.” This legislation is in line with Republic Act 7277, “An act providing for the rehabilitation, self-development, and self-reliance of disabled persons and their integration into the mainstream of society and for other purposes”;
Resolution 310, s. 2019 “Reiterating the enforcement of moratorium on the acceptance of applications for PUVs in the city.” This is relative to the issue on the revival of 200 taxi franchises being opposed by city officials. The mayor believes that existing public utility vehicles can still service the people of Baguio despite the influx of tourists and the increase of population, while the city council strongly asserts that accepting applications of additional PUVs will worsen the current traffic situation of the city;
Resolution 192, s. 2019, authorizes the mayor to form a technical working group for the preparation of the master redevelopment plans for Burnham Park and the city narket, which are considered tourist attractions and historical places; and
Resolution 458, s. 2019 for the mayor to include “pursuit of happiness” as the 16th core agendum of the City of Baguio.
Happy Three Kings to all!