December 6, 2023

Dear Manang,
My son has learned to play the guitar through his classmates. He sometimes borrows the guitar and brings it home to practice a piece or song. He asked his father if he could buy him a guitar and my husband said that music is not useful and it can’t put food on the table. Since I am just a housewife, I have no means to save money to buy a guitar. My son is a good boy who fills his time with singing in the choir at our church. How can I help him?
Nora of Navy Base, Baguio City

Dear Nora,
I would like to think that love finds a way. Your son has his music ministry and he has learned to play the guitar. It is God’s way of guiding your son to serve Him better. Maybe you can ask some of the members of your church to help him with the guitar. I have friends who have guitars that are just in their cases, maybe I can help you too. As mothers we tend to support the dreams of our children more than their practical fathers but both are precious in keeping the family glued. Music is not a useless skill because it is the language of the soul. Bands and soloists earn money from music but the only downside is that it is often a nocturnal occupation which brings so many temptations and vices. But it is God who empowers, we can only listen.

Dear Manang,
Why do we always get frustrated at the end of the day because we ran out of time to finish everything in our list? The basic tasks that we must do everyday like marketing, cooking, and laundry are time consuming. I want to have time to sew or knit. I want to paint or engage in crafts. We are childless and have only the two of us to care for. I wanted a career but my husband is the jealous type. He says he can earn enough to make us comfortable. I can only say this to you because I know that all these things are confidential. I have no ambitions but only have dreams of doing crafts and art for myself and maybe to give as gifts to friends and relatives on occasions. How can I do these without offending my husband?
Doray of Camp Allen, Baguio City

Dear Doray,
God bless your soul and your contentment with His provisions. You are a rare kind of woman who is not guilt ridden by your barrenness or your non-contribution to the family finances. God bless your husband too who isn’t affected by the lack of progeny and the propagation of his DNA. Both of you are gems in this world. You are only wishing for time out of the regular humdrum of routine to do some creative work and ask how this can be done. It sounds like you have not thought of getting house help? Get someone to do laundry for you or order food on some occasions to spare you from cooking. I am sure your husband will not be stingy with the little time you ask from him. I am envious of you because my life was quite the opposite. I had to earn, see to the children, serve my husband, and keep house. I too wanted to be able to paint but all that I got to do was bring my kids to art classes. If your husband reacts negatively to your request, maybe you can shift some of your evening time to do your quiet knitting while sitting in bed. You are such an angel.
Make the time,