July 14, 2024

The city council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance imposing hygiene and sanitation practices in certain workplaces and business establishments in Baguio when they resume operations once the city adopts more lenient quarantine restrictions after the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

The proposed ordinance authored by Councilor Elaine Sembrano states the people in the city should not be complacent even after the ECQ is lifted.

Under the proposal, establishments and workplaces must maintain a safe working environment and hygienic facility for the safety of all workers/employees, customers/clients, and guests.

Workers must practice frequent hand-washing, use face mask at all times, and observe physical distancing which is at least one meter apart in their respective areas of work especially during a gathering in the workplace.

The number of participants in any gathering in the workplace must be limited to a maximum of 10 only.

Establishments must also provide training on health and sanitation for workers/employees and personal hygiene products and safe washing facilities and maintaining sanitary comfort rooms for everybody’s use.

Constant monitoring to ensure compliance by all workers/employees, customers/clients, and guests to all these established practices must also be observed.

Employers and their workers shall also be required to conduct regular disinfection of all areas and frequently-touched surfaces in their respective workplace.

The management/administration of every workplace/business is also encouraged to develop and apply other innovative sanitation policies to protect everyone from the Covid-19 and other diseases.

Non-compliant employees/workers shall be meted a fine of P1,000 on first offense; P3,000 on second offense; and P5,000 with eight-hour community service on third offense.

Violators shall be fined P3,000 with warning for suspension/revocation of business permit for business owners on first offense; P5,000 with one month suspension of business permit for business owners on second offense; and P7,000 with six months suspension of business permit for business owners on third offense.

The ordinance was referred to the committee on health and sanitation, ecology, and environmental protection for review. – Jordan G. Habbiling