May 24, 2024

Dear Manang,
Recently, I received a call from my first boyfriend. That was a pleasant surprise because he suddenly asked what happened to us. I was baffled because I had forgotten the reason for the break up 30 some years ago. Why does he have to ask when we are in our 50s. I simply said that we were young and who knew why we did what we did but honestly, I seem to have needed an experience of saying I had a boyfriend and didn’t seem to see any difference in life. Is it necessary to get closure on this?
Liana of Apugan, Baguio City

Dear Liana,
We are made of different elements and notions. I am sure that you also have your questions about people in the past and want to know how they are doing and why you drifted apart. It helps us move on at a certain age when I guess we regret some decisions that we make or made. Yes, closure is needed for some people and often it’s the best way to pass on at peace.
Find peace,

Dear Manang,
My friend has been a victim of domestic violence for the past 10 years. Her situation has worsened since she had a job at a grocery as a merchandiser. Her abuser is smart because the beating doesn’t show.The marks are under the clothes so they are not visible. I am worried because she has pain around the stomach. It might be a broken rib or something. She is afraid to go to the hospital for a checkup because the doctor will see her bruises. What do I do?
Diane of Adiwang, Baguio City

Dear Diane,
I pray it is not serious because it may be fatal if she doesn’t go immediately. It sounds like she is able to work even with the injury. You must find a way to get her to a doctor ASAP. I would like to think that he could get jailed for that but saving a life is important too. Please bring her to the doctor. There are services for free if you don’t have money either. I am afraid she might die.
Help her,