April 20, 2024

The city council will discuss the transfer of loading and staging areas of public utility jeepneys to the Gov. Pack terminal.
In a petition addressed to the city council, PunongBarangays Nemesio Huag, Ricardo Mendoza, Abraham Lagasca, John Dongla, jeepney associations, affected residents – among them 500 hundred senior citizens, 100 persons with disability, and pregnant women said transfer of their staging/loading area from Carantes Street, Lakandula Street, Perfecto Street and Malcolm Square to Gov. Pack terminal has become physically and financially burdensome.
Affected residents now have to walk around one kilometer from the public market to the jeepney staging area or ride a taxi or another jeepney going to the terminal.
The petitioners acknowledged the objective of the transfer which are, to lessen air pollution, decongest traffic and lessen convergence at the central business district, but they said their plight, especially the vulnerable sector also have to be given weight.
They are appealing to city officials led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong and Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan to return to their former loading/staging areas.
Also, to be discussed through teleconference is the proposal for the setting up of Mobile Government Integrated System for the city government of Baguio by Pasig City-based company Aexponents System, Inc.
Aexponents System, Inc. focuses on systems development for private and government organizations within the Philippines and other countries and has developed a web-based application which makes transactions easier and faster for both the government and its citizens.
In her letter to the council, Aexponents President Jaynie Labay said the product/mobile platform is capable of accepting and processing personal documents like community tax certificate, health certificate, barangay clearance, certificate of indigency or identification cards; business documents like business permits, mayors permit, real property tax certificate; assistance like scholarship, burial, medical and livelihood; digital payment through partnership with existing online payment channels like Landbank, GCash and others.
Labay said availing the project will minimize operating costs of the government and maximize services to the public.