April 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am glad for friends who have much money and are able to spend at least a thousand pesos to treat friends to drinks and food; but sad to be one of those who mooch from these generous ones almost every day. There are a few among us who are of the same status but one or two who can live by asking for more favors. The balot (take home) kings are the champions. What is annoying is these people lie when asked about the lechon head or feet that disappear before the party begins. Is there a remedy to this? Is humiliation a cure?
Boy of Camdas Subd., Baguio City

Dear Boy,
These are the privileged individuals in our circle of friends who believe they can take because there is so much. When you ask them why they must take things home, in their minds they say it was just there in the open to take. They do not consider it as stealing. The usual remedy among those who know is to keep them out. They are not invited to the parties on purpose. I think that is enough to send the signal instead of speaking about it. They are eased out by the silence.
Learn to keep silent,

Dear Manang,
I know of a person who can live in his lie. He had lost as chair of the neighborhood association because his reputation as a lazy non-performer spread among the residents. Actually, the residents barely know him even if he is a member of one group of head of the household. These men are known as braggarts who speak but not perform. When he lost the election, he complained and said he was cheated. We advised him to write a formal letter to the association, which was never received. He keeps telling other groups that our association is made of cheaters. Many outsiders have tried to influence the directors to allow him to become the chair. We have the records to show it but he has not stopped. How do we deal with it?
Randy of Pinget, Baguio City

Dear Randy,
Beware! Those poor losers are the noisy ones who can demeanor lies they spread to be the truth. There is really no medicine strong enough to cure delusion. The ego of these men is fed by the egos of men of similar nature. They are a nuisance in meetings and occasions when important business is at hand. There is only tolerance and patience to put up with those kinds. They make more trouble so it is better to allow them to live by themselves. Sorry, I am of no help because I need to learn how to deal with them too.
Let them be,