July 23, 2024

A police officer and a service crew who tested positive of the Covid-19 came out in the open to hasten the conduct of contact tracing and arrest the possible spread of the infection.

Police Cpl. George Pumay-o, 28 years old, married, and detailed at the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station and Cecille Roque, 30, and a service crew at a fastfood chain disclosed their identities to help in the city government’s contact tracing efforts.

 Pumay-o tested positive of the Covid-19 based on the result of the real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test conducted by the La Trinidad Municipal Health Office for its frontliners recently.

He was informed that his swab test was positive of the virus on the night of June 17 upon reporting for duty at the LTMPS. He said he has no symptoms of the infection.

He is among the LTMPS frontliners enforcing checkpoints of barangays on lockdown in La Trinidad. The barangays include Betag, Buyagan, and Sitio Botiwtiw of Balili.

Pumay-o is a resident of Purok 2, Poliwes, Baguio City where he lives with his family and his parents. His father works at city hall.

Since the start of the quarantine, he said his only movement was from his workplace in La Trinidad to his home in Poliwes and vice versa.

Once in the last two weeks, he went to an Internet service provider to apply for connection with his brother.

Roque, meanwhile, went to the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center on June 17 to undergo a medical examination for a minor condition she had been suffering from.

Little did she know that a pre-operative routine that required her to undergo the RT-PCR test would lead to the discovery of her Covid-19 infection.

She is a resident of Lower Cypress in Irisan barangay.

She apologetically declined to reveal the name of the fastfood chain she works in, it being her only source of livelihood.

The contact tracing team nonetheless assured that the company along with all the establishments the patient went to prior to the discovery of her infection had been properly notified and are now cooperating in the contact tracing and disinfection operations of the city government.

Roque said she reported to work from June 2 to 8 and stayed at home from June 9 to15.

On June 16, she went to BGHMC for a check-up and went to an appliance store along Harrison Road from 1 to 2 p.m. and later at a remittance center at Hilltop Road.

On June 17, she returned to BGHMC for her swab test prior to her medical procedure.

In all of her activities, she swore that she had religiously followed precautionary measures like the wearing of face masks and physical distancing especially at work.

She was notified of her positive result today although she had not experienced any symptom up to now.

She had no travel history or exposure to an infected person.

She asked those she came in contact with to get in touch with the nearest health center. – PIO release