July 21, 2024

The Civil Service Commission-Cordillera will conduct this year’s second and last Career Service Examination-Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for Professional and Sub-Professional levels on Aug. 20.

The application period will run from May 22 to June 21.

Interested applicants are advised to register first via the CSC Appointment Scheduler using the link:  https://tinyurl.com/yc48wsem.

Applications should be filed only at the CSC Provincial Field Office/Test Center where the applicant prefers to take the CS examination.

All CSC provincial field offices in the Cordillera, except for Mountain Province, are designated as test centers. The Mountain Province Field Office will only accept applications for Ifugao Provincial Field Office/test center.

The CSE-PPT for Professional and Sup-Professional levels are open toindividuals who are Filipino citizens, at least 18 years old at the time of filing of application, and have not taken the same level of the examination in less than three months.

Applicants who meet the qualifications may apply and take the CSE-PPT regardless of their educational attainment. However, it shall not apply to applicants who opt to take the other level of the examination, which is different from the examination level last taken.

Application requirements include properly accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100, Revised September 2016) available at any CSC regional or field office or may be downloaded from the CSC Website www.csc.gov.ph; four pieces of recently taken passport sized ID pictures with handwritten name tag legibly showing signature over printed full name; duly accomplished certificate of consent/release/waiver relating to the Covid-19; and original and photocopy of a valid ID card with date of birth. In case the ID card has no date of birth, the original and photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority or the Local Civil Registry, should be submitted.

Applicants are advised to access CSC Examination Announcement 2, s. 2023 posted on the CSC website for detailed information on the specifications of the ID pictures, the list of accepted ID cards, and other information, including test centers. The examination fee for both levels of examination is P500.

Applicants should communicate with the CSC regional or field office where they intend to take the examination, for details regarding the modes of filing application and the corresponding procedures.

The Career Service Professional and Sub-Professional examinations are general ability tests designed to measure verbal, analytical, numerical and clerical skills.

They include questions about the Philippine Constitution, government work ethics, peace and human rights issues and concepts, and environment management and protection.

The CSC neither holds any review class nor publishes and distributes any review material for the career service examinations.

Also, the CSC does not accredit and has not accredited any individual, group, or review center for the purpose of producing/publishing and/or distributing/marketing/selling any review material, or offering and holding review sessions/classes to prospective civil service examinees. Availing such product/service is solely the individual’s choice and accountability.

Passing the Career Service examination is a requirement for the conferment of either Career Service Professional Eligibility or Career Service Sub-Professional Eligibility.

The eligibility is necessary, together with other qualification standards such as education, experience, training, and other competency requirements, for permanent appointment to certain positions in the government career service that do not involve practice of profession.

The CSC-Cordillera will strictly implement its policy that “applicants with no prior online appointment shall not be entertained.” – Press release