April 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
Luck has not been on my side in a long time. I tried my luck on buy and sell but owed more at the end when my buyers who bought on installment failed to pay. Trouble hurt me again when my Internet was unreliable as I was teaching online. I lost my day’s earnings with one failed class. I tried selling online, which was good for a while until my supplier started cheating and I lost money again. I have a sister who lends me money each time, but when does this life become better?
Ellie of Holy Ghost, Baguio City

Dear Ellie,
This is indeed a cruel world if you think about it. Maybe a good attitude is necessary here. You seem to be a fatalist. Each thing you do seems to end in doom because you see the end as such even before you give it a good start. Optimism makes a bad day look good and it often generates good vibes. Easily said indeed, but our lives need a bright outlook paired with prayers and gratitude for blessings to the Lord. Perhaps, you are in the wrong occupation or business. Try something new.
Stay positive,

Dear Manang,
This year has been full of deaths for me as was last year too. It feels like my circle of friends has become smaller. Most recent was a friend I took for granted because he was young. I thought I had all the time to meet up and have chats with him. I didn’t even get a chance to thank him for support through youthful years of turmoil and parental pains. Death seems to diminish the joys of life. It makes me want to join the trend too.
Darb of Bakakeng, Baguio City

Dear Darb,
Sadness is okay during times of death. We should feel sadness as a natural part of life because we wouldn’t know what happiness is. But to dwell on sadness and not get out of the hole is different. You must take care not to sink into it too much because it is not mentally healthy. What about converting some of that sadness into bright thoughts? What about visiting his relatives and tell them your funny stories about the friendship? In this way you leave good memories and you too will be left with them at the end of the day. This would be cathartic and you can process your feelings into good memories.
Relive the good times,