March 4, 2024

The city council, in its special session attended by all the councilors and presided over by City Vice Mayor Fausto Olowan, has approved through Ordinance 91, s. 2023 the annual budget of the city government of Baguio for 2024 in the total amount of P2,745,274.171.
The new budget is 14 percent or P325M higher than the P2.4 billion 2023 budget owing to appropriate and responsive legislative measures and policies that guided the city government’s proper and efficient collection and management of its finances.
The whole budget is sourced from the internal or local sources, external sources, and the beginning balance of P50M.
Local sources are tax revenue – P630.8M and non-tax revenue – P565.977M with a total of P1.196.787B or 44 percent of the whole budget.
The external sources are the shares from National Tax Allotment – P1.2B; economic zones – P250M; and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office – P3.5M for a total amount of P1,488,487,000 or 54 percent of the whole budget.
Under the ordinance, 34 percent of the budget equivalent to P928,236.171 is allocated for public services; 31 percent or P676,764,000 for social services; 30 percent or P868,401,000 is for economic services; and the remaining 10 percent or P261,873,000 is for other services.
Further, the following breakdown of the expenditures by class includes personnel services of P935M with a four percent increase from the previous year to cover the salaries, benefits, allowances, and other allowed and authorized compensation of city government officials and employees.
The maintenance and other operating expenses of P147M increased by 14 percent to support the regular operating expenses in different departments of the city government, the adjudicated national offices, the implementation of programs and services, subsidies to barangays, and support to other partner government agencies.
The capital outlay for machinery, equipment, structures, and land improvements of various departments amounted to P75M with a decrease of P54M from 2023.
Priority development projects are allotted with a total of P410M for various projects and road development – P167 million; construction for home care for elderly – P20M; recovery of road rights-of-way – P56M; construction and completion of sewer lines – P31 million; construction of multipurpose buildings – P76M; land banking, P10M; and various barangay development projects, P24M.
Lastly, the city allotted P134.265M for disaster risk reduction and management policies and strategies to prevent new disaster risks, reduce existing disaster risks, and manage residual risk for the strengthening of resilience and reduction of disaster losses.
A copy of the ordinance, which shall be effective on Jan. 1, 2024 as per the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991, was submitted to the Office of City Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature.
The following budgetary allocations are for the offices of the City General Services – P449,377,171; City Health Services – P169,750,000; City Engineering – P166,794,000; City Mayor’s Office – P131,276,000; City Social Welfare and Development – P123,484,000; Sangguniang Panlungsod – P118,100,000; and City Environment and Parks Management – P111,042,000;
City Treasury – P97,846,000; City Building and Achitecture – P87,117,000; City Administrator – P69,114,000; City Veterinary and Agriculture – P66,448,000; Baguio City Police – P40,000,000; City Human Resource Management – P33,912,000; City Planning, Development, and Sustainability – P33,564,000; City Assessors – P29,654,535; City Accounting – P27,684,000; City Legal – P22,090,000;
Department of Education-Baguio City Schools Division – P21,617,000; City Budget – P21,602,000; City Mayor’s Office-City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office – P19,852,000, and Early Warning and Surveillance System – P18,411,000; City Civil Registry – P15,607,000; City Mayor’s Office-City Library – P15,483,000;
Baguio City Jail-Male – P9,097,000; Baguio City Fire Station – P6,962,000; City Prosecutor’s Office – P6,095,000; Regional Trial Court – P5,769,000; Baguio City Jail-Female – P2,894,000; Municipal Trial Court in Cities – P2,503,000; Commission on Audit – P1,763,000; Parole and Probation Office – P350,000; Public Attorney’s Office – P788,500;
Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center – P17,100,000; Medicare para sa Masa (PhilHealth) – P5,000,000; and non-office expenditure – P645,794,000.