February 28, 2024

1. The spouse of a political leader would prefer to be away from public events while sustaining the creation of job and livelihood opportunities for citizens.

2. Two aspirants for the ABC presidency have forgotten to hurdle the first challenge after they failed to win in the just concluded 2023 BSKE.

3. Money and other forms of logistics, not popularity, will soon determine the winner in the much-contested race for the Liga ng mga Barangay presidency.

4. The low turnout of votes casted by the youth sector and the vacancies in the SK elective positions prove there is less interest in politics among them.

5. The recent 2023 BSKE has become high-tech not in terms of counting, but with politicians using drones to monitor the movements of their opponents.

6. A hard-working young mayor has learned his lesson the hard way when the voters accepted bribe money to support BSKE bets who are opposed to him.

7. Concerned sectors are hopeful the integrity of a learning institution will not be tarnished further with the promised resignation of a ranking official.

8. Social media platforms did not work well for some 2023 BSKE aspirants as people know who truly serve for them, like during the Covid-19 pandemic.

9. Some awardees from the Cordillera who were honored with lavish titles by a novelty award-giving body paid P15,000 sponsorship to be given an award.

10. A ranking politician in the Cordillera has not promised new smartphones and a monthly load allowance to newly-elected barangay and SK chairmen.

11. Another famous political leader in the region was hospitalized recently but his health condition is not publicly discussed so as not to affect his bid in 2025.

12. The statement released by this award-giving body heavily criticized for its solicitations from awardees is the talk of the town due to grammatical errors.