July 22, 2024

The city council has approved Ordinance 64, s. 2021, or the Huling Parangal sa Watawat ng Pilipinas Ordinance in Baguio.
The measure sets a centralized rite for honorary disposal and replacement of worn-out flags at the City Hall grounds on any appointed day between May 28 and June 12 of each year coinciding with the celebration of the National Flag Days.
Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, provides that a flag worn out through wear and tear shall not be thrown away but shall be solemnly burned to avoid misuse or desecration.
Under the ordinance, all schools and learning institutions, government agencies and instrumentalities, and other organizations in the city with worn out Philippine flags due to wear and tear are enjoined to participate in the flag disposal ceremony wherein they shall also receive new flag replacements from the city government.
At least two weeks before the scheduled ceremony, intended or interested participants are required to submit their letters of intent to the city mayor or the city council together with the worn-out flags to be received by the City General Service Office.
The Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts of the Philippines-Baguio City either jointly, separately, or alternately, shall be the designated hosts for the event unless passed on to other honorary hosts as may be assigned by the city mayor or the city council.
In Ordinance 67, s. 2021, the city council has appropriated a P295.9 million supplemental budget to fund various city-wide priority projects listed in the city’s Annual Investment Plan for 2021.
The projects include construction of Youth Convergence Center and Sports Complex, Athletic Bowl – P138.1M; Gibraltar satellite market – P30M; Aurora Hill Health Center and Day Care Center – P20M; and kiosk for the relocation of vendors at Burnham Park – P5M;
Repair/renovation/rehabilitation/development of railings, sidewalks, median dividers, geometric design and steel grates at central business – P9.9M; Sangguniang Panlungsod Session Hall – P6.5M; City Accounting Office – P2M; Bayan Park – P5M; and Minesview Park – P5M; and
Continuation of the post closure stabilization of Irisan dumpsite (phase II, Irisan eco-park) – P25M; procurement of graphics and geographical information system for land use database, digital twin and real property database – P6M; updating and preparation of the Baguio City comprehensive land use, zoning, and development plan – P5.9M; fire insurance of Baguio Convention Center and City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office Building – P7.3M; validation of climate and disaster risk assessment outputs – P600,000; feasibi-lity study for the privatization and one time collection of all garbage from source to landfill in the city – P400,000; and community-based monitoring system – P29,000.
Through Ordinance 71, s. 2021, the body has changed the title of a project, “Construction/rehabilitation of main sewer lines” under the 2020 annual investment plan amounting to P35M.
The appropriate changes are rehabilitation/construction of sewer lines to various areas in the city: At the back of Tolentino’s residence, Lower Magsaysay – P410,000; East Modernsite – P1.035M; Dizon Manzanillo – P4M; Saint Joseph Village P7.7M; front of Balancia’s Store, East Modernsite – P530,000; from Cedar Peak to UB Food Court, Kabayanihan – P1.170M; Upper Brookside – P5.2M; Montinola down to Kisad Road, Burnham-Legarda – P1.730M; Barangay Tabora in front of Norcar Building leading to existing sewer line along Balili River beside Matnog’s residence, Trancoville – P4.050M; Purok 5, Lower P. Burgos, Padre Burgos – P405,000; Leonard Wood Road beside Bureau of Internal Revenue, Session-Gov. Pack Road – P745,000; Military Cut-Off beside Dominguez compound, Military Cut-Off – P740,000; Purok 4, Gabriela Silang St., Camdas Subdivision – P700,000; and from Magsaysay Avenue to P. Burgos Multi-Purpose Hall, Padre Burgos – P6.4M; and replacement of manhole concrete covers to cast iron at South Sanitary Camp – P135,000.
The body in Ordinance 69, s. 2021, has temporarily suspended the provision of Ordinance 68, s. 2020, which sets aside 40 percent of the total regulatory fees collected from the use of certain roads or streets within the central business as a trust fund and exclusive use for the benefits of collectors, supply, and other operational costs.
In effect, the ordinance allows the use of “not more than 60 percent” of the gross regulatory fees for the wages and benefits of collectors, supply, and other operational costs, while the remaining 40 percent shall be deposited in the city’s general fund, which can be used to offset the corresponding fees of the free parking privilege for senior citizens and persons with disability.
The necessary adjustment is meant to address deficits and unpaid salaries of the parking attendants since March that were not able to cover by the 40 percent trust fund allocation.