April 21, 2024

The city council on Monday approved Ordinance 48, s. 2021, expanding the coverage of Ordinance 51, s. 1992 and making it mandatory for businesses in Baguio to hire 90 percent of their employees from qualified bona fide city residents.
The mandate covers all employers of Baguio-based private learning institutions, commercial, industrial or business establishments; construction companies, private contractors and sub-contractors awarded with local public works projects funded by the city government as well as foreign-funded or assisted projects; and construction companies, private contractors, including sub-contractors undertaking private construction projects in the city.
Bona fide residents refer to persons who stayed for a total of six months or more in one or more barangays in the city. In addition, they must be registered with the Public Employment Service Office and properly referred and certified by the said office to be qualified, capable, and willing for the positions needed by hiring establishments or entities.
The ordinance allows hiring of employees outside the PESO lists if the listed jobseekers are insufficient to cover the needed staff and personnel, or sufficient but the listed applicants are unwilling or due to unjustified non-appearance in scheduled job hiring or recruitment-related activities despite written notice.
Hiring of outside residents is also allowed when there are no available qualified, capable, and willing bona fide residents as certified by the PESO.
Further, the ordinance mandates employers, within 10 days from the occurrence of any vacancy existing and needed in their establishments, to submit a list of such vacancies to the PESO for necessary hiring.
Violators of the ordinance on first offense will be given stern warning to comply within one month. Non-compliance of the requirements after the one-month period shall be counted as second or third offense: second offense – fine of P5,000; and third offense – fine of P5,000 and confiscation of business permit.
The body also approved Ordinance 49, s. 2021 or “The Baguio Face Mask and Face Shield Ordinance of 2021 and the Regulation of Indiscriminate Disposal of Personal Protective Equipment in the City of Baguio.”
The measure mandates any person venturing outside the comforts of their respective abodes, or going to public buildings and places shall, at all times, wear face mask and shield until the threat of the Covid-19 is completely eliminated in the Philippines or during the state of public health emergency.
Both face mask and shield are not required to be worn by infants and children two years old and below; when eating or drinking in public places; if wearing it impedes physical and sensory functioning of persons with disability; and while engaged in activities requiring physical exertion such as brisk walking, jogging, running, biking, aerobic exercises, and other forms of physical exercise provided that physical distancing is strictly observed.
Wearing of face shield shall not be required for patients when advised by their physician due to a particular medical condition; and if its wearing directly causes hazard or impedes vision or mobility while in the conduct of work or while driving a vehicle.
The ordinance applies to all persons who sojourn, as resident or transient, in all places within the city.
Persons violating the required wearing of face mask shall be penalized on first offense with P1,000 fine; second offense – P2,000; third offense – P3,000 and cancellation of business permit if applicable.
Those not wearing face shield where it should be worn and the indiscriminate disposing used or damaged face masks and face shields are fined on first offense – P500; second offense – P1,000; third offense – P2,000 and cancellation of business permit if applicable.
In cases of minors violating the ordinance, the parents or guardians accompanying them shall be assessed with corresponding fine and/or penalty in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.
Copies of the ordinances were submitted to Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature.