September 25, 2023

Dear Manang,
I have recently graduated from college. I’m wondering why a high official of a company couldn’t sign my papers that I sent through a classmate because at that time I was making up for my absence when I got pneumonia and needed to stay home for a month. It seems inconsiderate because he is in the Visayas and the expense of traveling to and from there costs several thousands. I am about to work and if not for the required appearance, I should have started working already. I wonder if these executives are just being overbearing. I wish some would be more considerate.
Wilber of Monticello, Baguio City

Dear Wilber,
We are fated to bow to authorities if we want to complete requirements. If we don’t, we are just making things more difficult for us. It is annoying but we need to do it anyway. We can only pray that one day these persons are replaced by good people who are more rational and practical. This is a small world. Just bear in mind that you will be in his place one day, and you will do a better job.
Just do it,

Dear Manang,
Some fathers are fickle and sadists who make their families suffer. I have noticed that my father pretends to delay decisions just to make his children wait. My father pretended not to hear my suggestion that I am ready and he can message his friend so I could report for work at the soonest possible time. But he didn’t say anything for two weeks. Just when I was going to apply for another job, he tells me to see his friend. Two weeks are precious, it is wasted time. Is there a remedy to people like him?
Ramil of Camp 6, Baguio City

Dear Ramil,
Indeed, why do some fathers want to be powerful in their household? Often, they are such because it is the only place where they are kings especially when their wives and children are understanding and give them space to be such. Why they waste time is a puzzle. For a moment I thought that he wanted to hold on to you for a little longer because when you work, he would not see you as much. What if your father is actually thoughtful and not the monster you think. This is just to give you a shift in your attitude towards him. He is what he is and you are smarter because you know what he is.
You are blessed,