May 26, 2024

Public utility vehicles are being reminded to disinfect the plastic barriers installed in their vehicles.
Drivers are also reminded to replace their plastic barriers if these are already tattered as this defeats the purpose of maintaining physical distance between passengers
Engr. Charles Bryan Carame, chief of the Sanitation Division of the City Health Services Office said barriers should be rigid, not freely moving with the air.
He also said windows should be open for better ventilation inside PUVs.
For mini buses, Carame said the CHSO has recommended to the owners or operators not to use the air-conditioning system and let natural air to flow instead.
For big provincial buses without windows, Carame said the air conditioning system should have high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter (HEPA) or the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 13, which are the standard air purifiers for airborne pathogens in indoor setting.
Carame also recommended opening windows for private cars.
“If you’re driving in a car with passengers, open the window and wear masks. It is the shared air that should be a concern,” Carame said. – Jessa Samidan