April 14, 2024
The celebrant being serenaded by young Andre Navarrete Moynihan.

I can’t even find the words to describe this epitome of an exceptional woman  who had been my angel and that of the Baguio Museum.
She, together with the late Leonora San Agustin, started the reconstruction of the Baguio Museum 10 years after it was devastated by the July 16, 1990 earthquake  with the support of former National Commission for Culture and the Arts chairman Jaime Laya and former Baguio mayor and congressman Mauricio Domogan. 

Standing : Ernesto Reynoso and Carlos Anton.  Sitting: Cecille Reynoso, Lorrie Reynoso, Jed and Margo Munden, VictoriaTinio Clemente, Tim Laws, GabyTinio, Mary Ann Reynoso, and Mia Laws.

Truly,  the acronym that Michael del Rosario, president of the Baguio Association of Hotels and Restaurants or BAR gave her during her 80th “surprise”  birthday celebration was the gist of what she is – a GIFT.
She has  great positive attitude. Nothing can dampen her optimistic spirit. She is an inspiration and a fighter.  She fights for what she believes in, especially for the people that she believes in.

Celebrant Edna Anton  with siblings: Lorrie Reynoso, Cecille Reynoso, Ernesto and Maryanne Reynoso, Tim and Mia Laws.

She  is likewise a living testimony of valor. She is indeed a warrior in every sense of the word.  I can only hum  Stevie Wonder’s song, “Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious? Isn’t she pretty? Truly an angel’s best.”
Aside from these accolades, she is eloquent, a great writer, a wonderful mom,  wife, sister, and friend, a connoisseur of food, after all, she belongs to the Reynoso clan and has a chain of Sizzling Plate restaurants.

The fabulous Karen Navarrete-Anton during her superb performance for mother-in-law’s surprise birthday party.

Not to be forgotten is her sense of humor. Her daughter, Marcia Anton-Anonsen, describes her as “pilya”.
“Happiest 80th birthday to the most beautiful woman I know, “ says her daughter Margo Anton-Munden.
wouldn’t be the person that I am today without your love and encouragement. I have always looked up to you and I told myself that someday I will be the confident, independent, strong willed, charismatic, generous, and loving with a heart of gold woman that she is . You continue to inspire me Mom! Here’s wishing you more blessings and good health! I love you!” she added.

Celebrant Edna Anton with the members of the Baguio Association of Restaurants and family: Peter and Ivy Ng, Rocky and Maricel Cating, Donna Rufino, Michael and Angie del Rosario, Olive Balajadia, Vicki Clemente, Gaby Tinio, Cher Ng, and  Des Bautista.

Teary eyes are what you will have attended this wonderful “surprise” celebration prepared by her fabulous daughter-in-law Karen Navarrete-Anton and son Carlos.
Mam Edna really had no inkling the celebration she was going to attend was for her. Her two daughters, their husbands and their children all came home from the United States and kept the preparations a secret.  Her siblings also came and as mam Edna said, “everyone that I wanted to see were present.” And that included most of her family, siblings and friends. So delighted to see her happy face.

The family of Carlos Anton with mom Edna : Inigo, Alonzo, Carlos, and Karen.

It was a celebration galore. Complete with dance performances from Karen and the Aloha Philippines  dancers, a theatrical performance of young Andre Navarrete Moynihan, butterfly magic from gifted magician Alakim, and a video presentation of Edna and Mike Anton’s life. There were also plenty of macadamia boxes for giveaways.

The celebrant with Nenita Aoyong, Baguio Midland Courier COO Antoinette Hamada, Judith Pavia, Art and Helen Tibaldo, and Reggie de Guia.

Pete Siapno had this to say, “I always had utmost respect for this woman who has an impeccable sense of humor. However, behind that kind and accommodating demeanor is a decisive character who commands such  convincing power that easily gets the nod of everyone in agreement. “She is Eloquent, Daring, Nimble witted, and Altruistic – EDNA.”
Happy birthday, Mam Edna.
Here’s wishing you many years of good health and happiness .We love you. (photos by Karen Navarrete-Anton)

The birthday celebrant with her family: Son-in-law Jed Munden, Marcia Anton-Anonsen, Carlos Anton, Margo Anton-Munden and  daughter-in-law Karen Navarrete-Anton.