September 28, 2023

Classes of more than 22 million kindergarten, elementary, and high school students who enrolled in public and private institutions across the country have started on Aug. 29.
It is expected that we will be able to overcome the obstacles that hinder the delivery of quality education to students.
There is need to have more classrooms to accommodate the growing student population and to hire more teachers to achieve the ideal teacher-student ratio.
The curriculum ought to be streamlined in accordance to emerging and changing life situations.
Teachers ought to undergo regular in-service training to upgrade their competencies and be given a decent pay.
Functional facilities, adequate and effective instructional materials should be provided.
It is also desired to have more support personnel to maintain a conducive educational environment.
A national achievement test must also be administered to evaluate the academic activities of students.
In an international student performance assessment, Filipino students ranked at the bottom in reading and comprehension and in Mathematics and Science, to imply that teaching and learning efforts should be focused to these areas of basic education.
How well students are taught will define the progress of a nation and the kind of life the youth will have in future generations. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City