March 24, 2023

Dear Manang,
I am torn between enrolling in a course in cooking or just working to make money. The course would improve my skills for Canada, if I decide to follow my mother. It would help me get a better job than dishwashing. But I need money too to survive even if they send me an allowance. I feel that I should work because I have other expenses in the application.
Dinar of Gibraltar, Baguio City

Dear Dinar,
What about a part-time job? But I guess that’s foolish. Here in the Philippines, there’s no such thing unless you have an online job that is open for someone like you. School will always be during the daytime hours and work has not yet adjusted from the Covid times. If you value the opportunities in Canada, then you must study. If you think you will be okay in whatever job, then keep working.
Follow your heart,

Dear Manang,
I want to buy a bag that I saw online but this will mean I cannot enjoy my day out with my girlfriends for three months. I am concerned it might disappear or be sold out if I save up for it in two months. I have the money but I should spend that budget for emergencies. I learned when that is used, an emergency happens like my daughter needing hospitalization. I want the bag but I really don’t need it. It just looks good.
Sonia of Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

Dear Sonia,
It pays to talk to yourself. I think that you have your answer about the bag, it is just a want and not a need. I suggest that you save up for it and spend less in your days out with the girls to achieve it at a faster pace. I believe that you will find a better suited bag when you know how much you have to buy it. There’s no rush for the things that you want, it is the needs that are urgent.
Save up,