June 17, 2024

Jane B. Cadalig

A Japanese food brand has become the latest addition to the variety of restaurant choices offered by Baguio’s largest mall to locals and tourists seeking gastronomic delights in this mountain resort.
Genki Sushi, a modern Japanese restaurant known for serving fresh sushi, has recently opened its branch at SM Baguio, its 8th store in the Philippines and first outside Metro Manila.
The restaurant prides itself on offering quality and contemporary Japanese food at competitive prices.
Aside from sushi, Japanese cuisine lovers can also enjoy specialties like ramen andJapan’s famous crispy fried tempura and other seafood dishes like sashimi.
An added feature of Genki Sushi is its contactless ordering and food delivery system, which is completely in sync with the government’s efforts of creating environments where spread of the virus that causes the Covid-19 is minimized.
At Genki Sushi, diners can order from the store-provided QR code and wait for their food to be delivered by the restaurant’s Kosouku Express Train, said to be inspired by the Shinkansen bullet trains in Japan, minimizing contact between customers and the wait staff.
Also offering unique dining experiences at SM Baguio are Thai restaurant Mango Tree and another Japanese food brand, Kureji.
Mango Tree boasts of its authentic Thai recipes such as the stir-fried rice noodle dish Pad Thai, pomelo salad, and the world-renowned mango sticky rice while Kureji offers noodle soup lovers a twist with its sizzling ramen, among other dishes.
The three stores are located at the SM Baguio Upper Ground Level, Sunset Terraces.