May 20, 2024

Nonnette C. Bennett

If you want everything under one roof, your choice should be at the Kulinarista Food Solutions, Inc. corner of Baguio City. You can have sweet things at the pastry lab, ramen, all-day breakfasts, bilao sets that have Asian preferences, bar chows and sizzlers, and varied hot and cold beverages to include draft beer in just one site, there’s no need to hop around to complete your cravings.
Triple chocolate baby, a round cake in the tiny edition was such a joy. The dark choco shavings that decorated the fudge icing melted on the tongue with the bitter charm of healthy cacao. The moist cake was fluffy and a layer of white chocolate creamy icing must have been one more surprise in this triple chocolate cake. The warning is this can be wolfed down by one happy chocolate addict at any time.
The subwiches were our choice for the day that come in six inches or 12 inches in the tradition of subway sandwiches made with French bread. The Vietnamese bahnmi sub was made with roasted pork belly, pickled veggies, cilantro, liver pate, garlic parmesan dressing, hoisin, and baguette.
This is a perfect adventure for the taste buds because you can taste each ingredient and enjoy them. The roasted pork belly was perfectly sliced and baked with the caramelized fat giving sweet and salty flavors between the lettuce and cilantro bits added to it.
My favorite parts were the pickled sweet-sour vegetables that put the crunchiness to the experience. Radish, cucumber, and carrots were not the usual pickles that garnish sandwiches. The garlic parmesan dressing was the perfect match for all the flavors in the subwich. The baguette was the perfect cushion for this meld of good things.
The crabstick and peach sub also came in asix-inch baguette made with crabsticks, peaches, summer slaw, roasted sesame dressing, nori shreds, and cheese. This was a colorful subwich because of the pink crabstick, peaches, purple cabbage, green lettuce, and black nori shreds. This ought to delight a vegetarian because of all the meat free ingredients. Predominantly a sweet experience, the shredded crabsticks and the thin slices of peach came to fore in each bite. The hint of nori with the slaw were added distinct textures in the light sandwich. Of course, toasted sesame dressing does the Japanese magic to this kind of light meal or snack.
The most rewarding part of the subwiches were the potato chips that are homemade. We were teasing each other about what bag of chips it came from but there was something very freshly done about the crispy chips even if the flavors could have been from a jar of sour cream flavorings or barbeque. The potato chips are among the bar chows offered for those who like to have draft beer too.
Oh well, this surprising place is home to La Cusina Den, Route 55, Pastry Lab, and Subwich Factory. There are other group meals that might be interesting like the bilao with Asian themes that include the Chinese set, Thai set, Japanese set, Korean set, and Pinoy set good for three or 12.
My favorite memory of the family-owned Sandwich Factory are relived with these sandwiches that I had. You must pardon the ongoing construction which will not stop you from enjoying a view of the city skyline.