April 22, 2024

■  Harley F. Palangchao 

Eddie Fianza and Goody Ignacio were the top winners in the members division of the 2nd Justice Ozaeta Cup held at the Baguio Country Club on Nov. 11.

Fianza collected 48 Molave points to rule the members class A followed by Lyndon Julian with 47 and Jay Co with 44 while Ignacio also had 48 to win the seniors class A followed by Richard Difontorum and Bong Mandapat.

JUSTICE OZETA CUP WINNERS — The winners in the divisions of the 2nd Justice Ozaeta Cup held at the Baguio Country Club on Nov. 11 present their trophies, as they proudly supported the event that raised funds for the scholarship program for the dependents of caddies of BCC. — Zepoh Creation photo

The seniors B championship trophy went to Benito Ang with 41 followed by Rene Rondez with 36 and Enrico Garcia with 35.

Garcia also won the nearest to the pin special award.

Nory Sy topped the members class A with 34 points followed by Mel Donato with 33 and Rachelle Julian with 32 while Beth Patterson won the class B with 30 followed by Beth Dixon and Letty Baquilar with 27 and 23 in that order.

The members men’s B was topped by Christian Bautista with 44 followed by Tomas Chua with 43 and Paraiso Bautista with 39 while former mayor Peter Rey Bautista had 44 for the class C championship trophy followed by John Ray Libiran with 42 and Paeng Ding with 39.

The guests division class A saw Chito Loyzaga dominating with 47 points followed by Tony Salvador with 46 and Raffy Flores with 45 while the class B was topped by Ruben Garlejo with 47 followed by Jonathan Ong and Lawrence Camuyot with 44 apiece.

The class C championship trophy went to Freddie Lazona who had 44 points followed by Emilio Vergara and Robert Manrique with 39 points each.

Demma Dulnuan clinched the ladies guest division with 42 followed by Kim Juhee and Lan Jung Lee with 36 apiece.

The tournament held in honor of Supreme Court Justice Ramon Ozeata, the first Filipino president of the Baguio Country Club, aims to raise funds for the scholarship of qualified children of caddies of BCC.