July 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
What is the gentleman’s agreement about when it has no honor or has a hint of being false or it is based on fraud? Some men who do not have competence easily get positions in an organization and make a mockery of it. Eventually, the group disbands because the person merely wanted to be called president but didn’t play the role. The gentlemen are selling the club again in an agreement to allow another person to take over the organization. There are competent leaders who lose to this gentleman’s agreement which should be managed somehow. What do you think?
Rommel of Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet

Dear Rommel,
We deserve the government that we have because we allow the gentlemen to railroad some associations. We must change the mindset of people in order to improve our systems. The observation that the men are plotting the future of the universe without regard for honesty and integrity is real. We are truly doomed. Be the model, or an example in steering the activities towards cooperation and collaboration. I am sure that you can get like-minded members together to do independent-worthy events.
Lead the group,

Dear Manang,
There are times when we are in dire straits and good-hearted people are there to help. I have received a lot of assistance from others and want to pay back those who were there for me. I have not been able to trace the woman who gave me a blanket when I was in the charity ward and the man who gave me P500 once when I was at the pharmacy and didn’t have P50 to complete the medicines I needed. I wish I could find them again because I can give them back the same items they gave me. I hope they’re reading your column too.
Sandra of Bonifacio Street, Baguio City

Dear Sandra,
Kindness can be paid forward. The more important thing is your passing on the kindness to someone else as a way to pay back what you got. Those generous souls who infect others with kind gestures are compensated when others follow suit. It is your time to spread this good deed, pass it on to another.
Spread the kindness,