March 5, 2024

Dear Manang,
It is Christmas and I may have no money and gifts but I have the gift of life in my battle with cancer. I got the surprise of my life when one of the people I sent to school messaged me to say that she would like to pay for one cycle of my chemotherapy. I want to refuse it but at this time I have spent a lot on tests and need it. I think I will say yes. The truth is I have been bled dry since two months ago when all the tests were done. My savings disappeared without any source for the chemo cycles that I need to undergo. Am I shameless?
Veronica of Bancua, Dontogan, Baguio City

Dear Veronica,
I do not think of this as shameless but as payback time. The golden rule says, “Do unto others what you want to be done unto you.” The good you did in the past is coming back with good deeds that will be given to you. I consider it false pride to say you don’t need help. You do and please take it. This is indeed your gift of life because you also did it for others.
You are blessed,

Dear Manang,
Christmas is meant to be happy and this year since I have a girlfriend, it should also be a happy time. But I seem to be regretful because every move that I make seems to make her jealous. I am working and in the process, I need to do marketing and also meet some people because of work. She suspects everyone as a former girlfriend or one who I am interested in. She tends to hurt me and I cannot harm her because she is a woman. I am not physically strong and this constant beating I receive may cause me to get ill. I doubt if this is a sound relationship. What do you think?
Sonny of Fairview, Baguio City

Dear Sonny,
There is much work that you must do to restore the trust and faith of your girlfriend. It becomes unhealthy when you need to be wary of every move that you make and her unreasonable nature. I am worried because unless you are able to make her doubts go away, she will continue to treat you that way. I hope you are not enjoying the attention as an expression of love because this is bordering insanity due to the delusions or illusions that she has and thrives on. You must put your foot down and tell her to stop or else you will call the relationship off. But if you do not have the courage to make a decision and take command of the situation, allow the abuse. I would rather you make her see that she is being crazy.
Be decisive,