April 17, 2024

Dear Manang,
Is there a cure for a mother who gossips about me all the time? I don’t know if my mother is aware that when she talks about me to other people, she lies? She complains about me all the time and hardly appreciates what I do for her. I wonder if she is aware that she destroys me. People have the wrong notion about me. Yet, I am stuck with her because I am her only daughter. I am patient but sometimes it dries up.
Austria of San Gabriel, La Union

Dear Austria,
Parents can be such and children have no choice. Your mother can’t be cured and you have no defense but to let her be and focus on other things. Your mother is not about to apologize to you if that is what you’re waiting for, so drop it. Better just protect your well-being from all of this by watching your favorite K-dramas or telenovelas. Find someone to talk about it to. Enjoy yourself. That’s the only solution to your predicament.
Divert yourself,

Dear Manang,
There is a suspicious feeling that overwhelms me when I am in a group. I feel like people will do something wrong to me or find something wrong in the things that I do. It’s almost like paranoia. I am at a point where I almost don’t feel like doing anything because I might be wrong. I hate this negative time because I don’t get things done. I tend to become quiet instead of participating in discussions and team work.
Brie of Scout Barrio, Baguio City

Dear Brie,
You should get a job that doesn’t require interaction with other people. In this life, we will always interact with people because we are social by nature and we serve others and find fulfillment in that. You feel that you are criticized a lot but we need gratification too. We need affirmation which improves our relationships and work quality too. It might be just you feeling that way and being too critical about yourself. Lighten up or do find a job that has minimal interaction with other people. Do editing work, but you also submit to an editor who will gauge your work. You can be a writer and just work on your own. But, this life will always be interactive.
Be joyful,

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