December 7, 2023

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – All government offices and business establishments in Benguet are now required to provide hand wash stations accessible to all clients and employees as one of the preventive measures against the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19).
This is contained in Executive Order 2020-023 issued by Gov. Melchor Diclas on March 26.
“(Observing) cleanliness and hygiene at all times through regular hand washing with soap and water is vital to contain to spread of diseases and protect the entire community,” it stated.
The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers may be used as an alternative for business establishments but hand washing with soap and potable water is still preferred, particularly for department stores and public markets, said Diclas.
A physician by profession, Diclas is an advocate of hand washing to suppress the spread of the dreaded virus.
An article shared by Pall Thordarson, a professor of chemistry at the University of New South Wales, Sydney says soap is a highly efficient way of killing the virus when on skin.
“Soap contains fat-like substances which are structurally very similar to the lipids in the virus membrane. The soap molecules “compete” with the lipids in the virus membrane. This is more or less how soap also removes normal dirt from the skin.”
The soap, according to the article, not only loosens the “glue” between the virus and the skin but also the velcro-like interactions that hold the proteins, lipids and ribonucleic acid in the virus together. – Susan C. Aro