June 21, 2024

Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda has filed an ordinance institutionalizing the celebration of Health Workers Day on May 8 of every year in the city.

The ordinance intends to promote various activities focused on acknowledging the contributions, rights, and well-being of health workers.

Tabanda said the initiative will create opportunities for health professionals to engage in city-wide events commemorating National Health Workers Day.

The proposed ordinance enumerates several activities to mark Health Workers Day, subject to coordination with the City Health Services Office.

These activities include an ecumenical prayer for health workers, an education and information drive focusing on their rights, welfare, and benefits, wellness services, a health summit or other discussion forums, initiatives led by health workers or endorsed by the city council, and any additional activities aimed at their professional development both within and beyond healthcare facilities.

The proposal also includes plans for a fun run and other advocacy programs or activities aligned with promoting their well-being and contributions to society.

The proposed ordinance mentions Republic Act 10069 which designates May 7 as “Health Workers’ Day” to honor the essential role and contributions of health workers in providing essential services, safeguarding their rights and well-being, and boosting their self-esteem and dignity.

The proposed ordinance explains that the city government of Baguio recognizes the invaluable contributions of health workers in serving the community, especially the marginalized.

Earlier, the city council passed Resolution 261, s. 2023 which designated May 7, 2023 as Health Workers’ Day in the city in accordance with RA 10069. The day was celebrated with activities and services as a token of appreciation for their service to the community.

The proposed ordinance has been referred to the committee on tourism, special events, and parks and playgrounds for review. –  Angel Kate Figueroa and Jordan G. Habbiling