June 9, 2023

Dear Manang,
There are many people who need help these days and one wants to assist somehow. I wonder how some children will be able to survive medical costs of caring for their ill parents. With children of their own, how are they able to make the choice? Additionally, the Covid-19 time has limited the opportunities to make money.
Leila of Adiwang, Baguio City

Dear Leila,
I am wondering why you need to worry because this is not your problem. Why are you so concerned? If you feel the pain, one way to help is by giving them something to earn from so they might be able to make a little money. One item is making foot rugs. Give them the materials and buy them back. Or something that they can do while sitting beside the patient.
God bless you,

Dear Manang,
People who have money to spare are the hardest to ask money from. My aunt was sent a message by a relative who was stranded in Saudi in the first year of the pandemic and he asked help for his fare to come home. She said she lived alone and that she had no money. Then she got angry when I said she could try to help. She hasn’t talked to me for more than a year now. Why are they like that?
Baby of Roseville, Sto. Tomas Proper, Baguio City

Dear Baby,
Some people are born that way and stay that way, with clenched fists. The funny thing about those people is they have more than enough money stashed away in the bank or something. Some feel secure knowing they have a lot and not spending it. It is just a shame that relatives can’t help, and he must seek help elsewhere. But I remember too that the government should be the first to rescue workers. They should be sought first.
Pray for them,